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Lok’s Door to Cloud® access control system simplifies the management of every door in your home, office, or enterprise building. With seamless access, simple management, real time alerts, and access sharing for the people you trust, lok is designed to make access easier for everyone at a modern building.

Scalable Manage one or hundreds of doors. Pay as you go. No contract required.

Get Real Time Alerts See everything in real time. You can set notifications to see if a door was open after hours.

Multiple Types of Credentials Flexibility to assign users biometric, lokpass mobile, or card credentials.

Group Access Rules Create groups with umbrella restrictions to easily add employees to the group that fits their level. Great for creating access for admins, managers, temporary visitors, and guests.

Easy to Implement Our cloud based software completely eliminates the need for software installations and setups at the customer's end. Users can therefore be up and running within minutes!

Triggers & Actions Easily set workflow rules. For example, you can set a trigger: if the fire alarm is triggered, set an action to open all doors and send alerts.

Manage Entry Remotely Manage doors remotely; including locking, unlocking, and setting rules to lockdown or keep doors open due to fire & safety policies.

Monitor Activity Monitor all activity from your smart phone or PC. See who enters doors and at what time.

Access Reporting Physical access control produces rich logs which can be used for compliance audits.


With lok-Pass, you can give users the convenience to open doors with their smartphone. No more lost cards or keys.

It’s your pick!!!

lok supports both traditional and modern types of credentials.

Face Recognition

FingerprintUse the world’s #1 fingerprint technology gain easy access with a simple touch of your finger.


Smart PhoneSet your smart phone to open automatic when in range, or by twisting, or using the phone’s fingerprint or face recognition.


WearablesSimply tap the lok icon on your apple or android watch to open the door.

Face Recognition

Face RecognitionWith our face recognition technology, authorized users simply place their face on the reader and instantly gain access.

Face Recognition

Iris Recognition Iris recognition is the most secure and accurate form of identifying users. It’s robust, contactless and hygienic.

Face Recognition

RFID CardsOn top of our smart and biometric technologies, we also support RFID, HID, Mifare card/fobs in both low and high frequencies.

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